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Everyone takes pride in their home, and the exterior is what the world (or your nosy neighbour!) sees first. It’s a great feeling to pull into your driveway and see your immaculately manicured lawn, beautiful stone walkway and bright flowers lining the path to your front door. It is very relaxing when your backyard can be your garden oasis – an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Then you think about all the work that’s involved – pulling out weeds, laying sod, planting bulbs in evenly spaced holes…it’s enough to make you want to take a nap!

At Andelle Maintenance & Management,

we can make your outdoor space look like it belongs on the pages of the top home and garden magazines. We also provide all types of regular lawn maintenance, including grass cutting and shrub trimming. Our landscaping team will come to your home to design and implement your dream garden – or help you care for the one you already have!

One of the Best Things About Canada..

is the opportunity to experience the wonderful transitions of the different seasons. Seeing the leaves transform and fall during autumn, and the crisp, clean snow in the winter... Mother Nature is amazing! Along with these changes, come some additional responsibilities for home owners. Andelle Maintenance & Management has a crew of hard-working staff who will ensure every leaf is raked, and every centimeter of snow is shoveled, to keep your home safe and looking its best throughout the fall and winter.

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